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Travelwise NI

Travelwise NI

The Travelwise NI Schools team can provide support to all schools and individuals in Northern Ireland who want to encourage pupils, parents and teachers to leave the car at home and walk or cycle to school. For more information click here.

Explore the schools pages and find out how children walking or cycling to school can:

  1. be healthier and fitter
  2. be more independent and self-confident
  3. improve their environment and build their skills

The goal is simple, Travelwise want anyone who can walk to school to do so.

Travelwise know that everyone has very busy lives, especially parents and teachers, so they do their best to make it as easy as possible for everyone to join in. Travelwise provide great resources and advice to schools and individuals, helping you to make walking to school the norm for your area.


Why should your child walk or cycle to school?

  • it’s healthy – as your child and you can get some exercise
  • it’s green – as the school run is a major part of rush hour traffic
  • it’s safer – there are less cars at school gates and children develop skills and confidence which can be applied on other     occasions
  • it’s easy – most children could walk a mile in 20 minutes or less and you do not need to worry about getting the car out, traffic jams or parking at the schoo.
  • it’s social – you and your children can chat as you walk or meet and chat with your neighbours and their children
  • it’s practical – teachers have commented that a walk to school helps children be attentive and contribute in class

Will your child be moving on the Post Primary education soon? Or have they done so recently? The transition to post primary education is the perfect time to introduce more independence for your child on their school journey. Follow the Moving On link on the right for more information.


Promoting walking and cycling to your school has lots of benefits for schools.

  • it’s a great way to be green and achieve your Eco-schools and Healthy School status
  • it sends out a strong and positive  message to parents, both current and prospective, that you care about your pupils’ health, their community and the environment
  • pupils can enjoy the local environment in a way that they wouldn’t on a car journey
  • it also reduces congestion and the likelihood of accidents around the school gates
  • it gives pupils an opportunity to socialise outside of school on their journey
  • walking or cycling to school is a great way for children and young people to contribute to their recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise

The Travelwise NI Schools Team can provide support to schools through a range of free educational and awareness resources such as the Best Foot Forward classroom resource for Key Stage 2. Take a look at the free resources section to see what is on offer.

Free schools resources (Teachers)

The Travelwise NI Schools team can also provide advice and support to schools in person. If you would like to promote walking and cycling at your school or have issues with congestion and would like one of the Schools Advisors to visit please contact us.

Travelwise NI also run annual events like Walk to School Week and Walk to School Month, that can help schools put more sustainable transport choices into practice. There are pages dedicated to each of these events on this site, take a look to see what they involve.

Walk to School Week
Walk to School Month

Safer Routes to Schools

Schools across Northern Ireland are assessed by Roads Service and prioritised for inclusion in the Safer Routes to Schools Level 1 Programme annually. Successful schools will benefit from having one-to-one contact with a Travelwise NI Schools Advisor throughout the duration of the programme to help imbed the practices and lessons from the Travelwise NI Schools resources and activities.

In addition to this, schools will be provided with additional road safety measures which are likely to include enhanced road markings and warning signs with flashing amber lights from Travelwise NI’s partner agency, Roads Service.

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