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Pears Foundation Community Spaces Fund

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Pears Foundation Community Spaces Fund

Deadline for Applications-Tuesday 2nd July 2019 at 1:00pm.

Together with Pears Foundation the Community Spaces Fund will work to develop greater respect and understanding between people of different backgrounds. More than a fund this investment will encourage joint working and cohesion through more targeted approaches by staff at the Foundation, encouraging and supporting joint bidding for funding and through organised cluster events.

What impact we expect from this programme/ fund:

A stronger community sector equipped to face today’s challenges
A more confident and vocal community sector
Safer, stronger, confident individuals and communities thriving after the conflict
A safer NI for those most marginalised and vulnerable

Project Criteria:
All projects must give space to groups to connect, share ideas, explore and learn together.

In addition projects must meet one or more or the following;
1. Increased contact and dialogue among project participants in NI and their community and those of another community background, faith or political persuasion
2. Underpinning the Peace Process and promoting community development and cohesion
3. Increased understanding, tolerance and respect to and for each other on the post conflict legacy issues which divides us
4. Increased sharing & use of space between and within for community cohesion and community development related activities
5. Increased dialogue among the sector and other stakeholders to address key and or emerging themes which could destabilize community cohesion.
6. Increased contact and dialogue between policy makers and the community voluntary sector.

How Will It Work?

Small grants of up to £5,000 where community and voluntary groups are able to demonstrate a partnership approach that evidences need and joint working.

The grant could be for using a shared space in their local community or to carry out joint activities or events aimed at bringing different communities together, whether that be communities of faith, ethnicity, neighbourhood or of different backgrounds.

The fund will give space to groups to connect, share ideas, explore and learn together.

Who cannot apply?
Organisations with an income above £250k
Statutory organisations, including schools, universities or hospitals (such organisations cannot lead an application but can be a partner in a project).
Private limited companies
Unconstituted organisations
National organisations, unless the application is submitted by a local office with a separate management committee, bank account and governing documents
Organisations whose purpose is to promote party politics or religion. Your organisation must be inclusive to all at every level of the organisation (from trustees to staff to volunteers and beneficiaries) and this must be reflected in your governance and in practice.

To find out more, click the link here.

Lottery Funded
NIEA DoE N&M DC Biodiversity

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