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Agriculture Policy Webinars

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Agriculture Policy Webinars
Around 75 per cent (about 1 million hectares) of Northern Ireland’s countryside is farmed in some way. This industry is vital for the NI economy, employing more than 3.5 per cent of the total workforce – well above the UK average of 1.2 per cent.

Before the introduction of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) in the early 1970s, the NI agricultural landscape was a mix of arable and livestock farming, supplying varied habitat for farmland wildlife.

Land use in Northern Ireland is now dominated by improved grassland management for dairy, beef and sheep production, with small pockets of cereals, most of which is in County Down.  As elsewhere in Europe, agricultural policy has driven this process – and often with significant impact on farmland wildlife.

RSPB NI with support from the Nature Friendly Farming Network in Northern Ireland have created a series of talks in regards farming and nature.  To find out more, contact  Phil Carson,
Policy Officer (Sustainable Farming) [email protected]
The Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) supports over 1,000 farmers, who are working around the clock to produce nutritious food while delivering benefits for the environment and reversing wildlife decline.
Securing a Profitable Future – Chris Clark and James Moran  
Long-term food security and the prosperity of communities and the economy is dependent upon a thriving natural environment and stable climate. RSPB NI believes that future farming and land-use policies are vital to help delivering this goal. In this webinar, Chris Clark, author of ‘Less is More’ and James Moran of the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, showcase how to secure a more profitable, resilient food and farming system which delivers a better return for farmers, nature, the environment and the public.
Investing in Nature Friendly Farming – NFFN and Matt Rayment
RSPB NI believes future agriculture policy can deliver nature friendly farming and sustainable land management in Northern Ireland. Investing in nature friendly farming is key to delivering clean air and water, healthy soil, biodiversity and of course food. In this webinar, Charlie Cole and Simon Best, NFFN Steering Group members, and Matt Rayment, author of the ‘Paying for Public Goods’ report, showcase what it really means to farm with nature in mind and the benefits it can bring to farmers, the environment and the wider community.
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