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Living History in Ring of Gullion

Living History in RoG

Sharing Our Stories

Its been said of south Armagh that you can ‘kick any stone’ and it will tell a story….

The Dry Village

Enjoy James Boyce’s cautionary tale in 1964 of two villages, one with no pub the other with no newsagents. Hear what the residents of Bessbrook think of their founder John Grubb Richardson’s social experiment.

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The Poet’s Glen

The Poet's Glen is another prose-poem written by John A Brennan. He created this lovely piece sitting in the graveyard at Creggan Church which has seen so much history.

The Poet's Glen

I slept, as a boy in the Poet’s Glen, beneath the red hand and a starlit, south Armagh sky, content and free. The river, flowing with a measure of precise destination, lulled with quiet cascade. Olden, mossed oaks and elms branched wide and reached for the essence of the ever-present Bard. O’Neill, asleep in the churchyard vault, amused, listened to the nocturnal chorus and smiled. I dreamed of McCooey, MacAliondain and the outlaw MacMurphy, together forever, locked in immortal embrace. Still, in quiet unison, they sing the praise of the Lord of the Fews.

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The Deities’ Dance of Winter Death by Antán Ó Dála an Rí

In Autumn’s motley hue, the rusted heather and peaty trails
Mark out Time ‘til daylight fails. But silence looms.
The birds are quietly fluttering still, upon the branch
Now bare in slowly creeping chill. She sleeps. She dreams.
The dappled laughter, the speckled sighs that rise in flight
With butterflies as Calliagh’s breath attends the skies
Attest to promise, to days to come when he returns, her lover-Sun.

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Temple, Gods and Sacrifice on Slieve Gullion by Antán Ó Dála an Rí

The ancient monument, known locally as Calliagh Berra’s House, sits at an altitude of 1894ft upon the summit of Slieve Gullion, commanding a spectacular 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside. Yet the focus of this impressive structure is wholly upon the dying rays of the winter sun. Although many have visited and entered the hallowed chamber, how many know the story of this most ancient of places of worship. What follows is an attempt to shed some light upon its regal mysteries.

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Baltic Blue by George Sloan

“Keep yourself to yourself”, she had said. “Don’t laugh at others and they won’t laugh at you”. His mother’s words were not exactly strictures; more guidelines within which a shell might grow, harden and iron-plate his difference. He understood. Whatever the words, he knew that ‘don’t laugh at others’ was a prayer on her part and that not to smile was part of its hope. And he grew into the mould.

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The ‘Hannah’ Disaster

The brig ‘Hannah’,built in 1826 and refurbished in 1846,arrived in Warrenpoint from her home port of Maryport on March 16th 1849 with a cargo of coal.

Under the command of Captain Curry Shaw she set sail for Quebec on April 5th with 176 passengers and 12 crew.The great majority of the passengers were from the Parish of Forkill,South Armagh.

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Crossmaglen – My Town

The Irish translation is Crois Mhic Lionnáin, which literally means ‘Lennon’s Cross’. It is suggested that it is named after an Owen Lennon who lived here in the eighteenth century and who is famed as the owner of a shebeen, an illegal ale house.

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The Market House in Crossmaglen

In 1952, a local woman was before the court in the Market House charged with smuggling eggs. After giving her evidence, the RM Mr Wilson commented, “the trouble is that you can’t believe a word that the people around this part say.” This comment caused a major outcry such that the local county councillor, later to become Member of Parliament Eddie Richardson, demanded an apology. However...

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