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Hedge-Laying and Hedge Management

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hedgerow-in-field wildlifeMuch of our local landscape around Gullion is defined by our hedgerows, criss-crossing the countryside like the stitching on a giant patchwork quilt. But no hedge stays the same forever. A hard-cut, short hedge will start to fade away and a tall hedge may eventually collapse or develop into a line of trees. Effectively, every hedge goes through a life cycle and needs to be managed. This management will play a crucial role in a hedge’s long term survival.

This course will help participants to find the right balance between maintenance and capital costs, between wildlife habitat and the long term condition of a hedge. The aim will be to learn how, using techniques such as hedge laying and coppicing, to create an impenetrable stock proof barrier – a living fence that will need no major maintenance for 40 -50 years as well as providing a home for wildlife. This training will only proceed if there is enough interest.

This training will only proceed if there is enough interest.

To secure your place contact the Crossmaglen Community Centre on 028 3082 8594

Lottery Funded
NIEA DoE N&M DC Biodiversity

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