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Lúnasa Festival:Go Wild in the Ring of Gullion -Precious Ponds- Cancelled

Lúnasa Festival:Go Wild in the Ring of Gullion -Precious Ponds- Cancelled

Join Cathryn Cochrane of the Conservation Volunteers, whether you want to create and maintain a haven for wildlife or build something more formal, this course will be a good place to start.

Ponds are an intrinsic part of any garden and can be created in the smallest area. There’s something enchanting about sitting next to a garden pond, and it’s amazing how quickly wildlife will find it and create a thriving ecosystem. In summer, it should be only a short matter of weeks before pond skaters and water beetles arrive under cover of darkness. You might get dragonflies and damselflies in your first season. And frogs and newts are possible within a year.

We will start practical advice on how to create and maintain a garden pond. We will also learn about pond profiles, creating planting pockets for plants, and how to encourage wildlife to the pond. We will also concentrate on making the pond safe (fencing and/or safety grid).

The workshop is suitable for beginners and more experienced gardeners alike. Cathryn will start by taking you through the basics of building and maintaining garden ponds and then go on to cover trickier issues of pond management. She will use the wildlife pond at the Pastoral Centre  to illustrate a wildlife pond and as an aid to discussion.

There is also a chance to sign up for pond dipping in Slieve Gullion Forest Park in the afternoon, we will dip one of our ponds in the Forest Park to see how interesting and rewarding a good pond can be.

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Event Details

Lúnasa Festival:Go Wild in the Ring of Gullion -Precious Ponds- Cancelled takes place on August 27, 2015.
It starts at 10.00 and ends at 12.00.

Event Location

The Pastoral Centre, Jonesborough, Co. Armagh, BT35 8HR

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