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Ring of Gullion Biodiversity

The area today has a rich flora and fauna with many nationally and internationally important habitats and species.

Biodiversity in RoG

Water, water everywhere…

Glassdrummond is a very wet wood with many shallow ditches criss-crossing it. There are also a number of small rain fed ponds along the paths formed in the gaps between the rocks. We are trying to make these ponds and ditches better for wildlife by allowing the sunshine to get to them by cutting down larger trees near the water. This also stops leaf litter from clogging the drains. As the years go on we hope that there will be more insect life and more frogs and even newts using these ponds. Please keep an eye open and help us to record what wildlife is using the water. But take CARE near water and don’t risk falling in.

All the suggested activity sheets below come from the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives website where you can find hundreds of ideas for exploring your local woodland.

Pond Dipping

Grab your net and bucket, and pull on your wellies – it’s time to go pond dipping!

Check out our handy tips and checklists so you’re fully prepared search through the watery depths…

  • To be a successful pond dipper, you’ll need the right equipment – follow our handy guide
  • Be a real scientist and predict then record your finds – did you spot everything you were looking for?
  • Follow our top tips and get dipping!

What creatures did you find lurking in the deep? Use our super spotter sheet to help you identify them and see what else you can discover.

Activity sheet

Make a Leaf boat

Make a boat from leaves, twigs and bark!

Follow our simple steps to build a boat, then sail it on puddles or ponds.

  • Choose a piece of bark or curved leaf for the hull (bottom) of your boat.
  • Use mud to attach a straight stick to the hull. This will be your mast.
  • Thread a leaf or two onto the stick to make your sails.
  • Find a puddle or pond to sail your boat on.

More ideas

Experiment with leaves and bark from different trees – which tree makes the best boat?

Add cargo. Load small pebbles, nuts or berries onto your boat – does it still float, or does it sink?

Have a boat race against your family and friends!

Stay safe: Take care near water. Always tell a grown-up what you’re doing.

Activity sheet

Animal Track Hunt

Are you all set to be a real Nature Detective? Which animal tracks will you find on your adventures?

  • Look carefully in soft ground near the ditches and ponds
  • Look for large and small tracks
  • How many different animals and birds can you track down?

Do you have a favourite footprint or animal?

Activity sheet

Leaf Faces and Muddy Smiles

This nature craft can be done all year round using bits and pieces you can find in the woods or your garden.

  • Look for mud, leaves, bark, flowers, pebbles and feathers.
  • Create a face peeping up from the woodland floor, or peering down from a tree trunk.
  • Make a leafy portrait, or a whole family of faces!

Leave your funny faces in the woods for other people to find. On your next visit, look to see if any new ones have joined them!

Activity Sheet

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