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Ring of Gullion Biodiversity

The area today has a rich flora and fauna with many nationally and internationally important habitats and species.

Biodiversity in RoG

Areas of Special Scientific Interest in South Armagh

Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSIs) are protected areas that represent the best of our wildlife and geological sites that make a considerable contribution to the conservation of our most valuable natural places.

Why we protect ASSIs

We all need to conserve our natural environment as it provides our essentials in life – such as our food, clean air and water and our places for recreation. To do this we have to prevent loss of Biodiversity (which is the great variety of plants and animals that support life on earth) and Geodiversity (the rocks, minerals, fossils, soils and landforms that have been formed over millions of years and determine our landscapes and the species that live there).
Check out the web pages about our work on how to help to your local biodiversity.

How we protect ASSIs

The best way of protecting our plants and animals is to protect the land, the freshwater and the seas where they live. It is essential, especially in light of the pressures of modern development, to ensure that the most important areas are protected and managed to form a network of natural areas that are capable of supporting our plants, animals and geological heritage into the future.

The law relating to ASSIs is contained in the Environment Order (Northern Ireland) 2002, Part IV . NIEA must, as required by the law laid down in the Order, declare land as an ASSI if it is of special scientific interest because of the flora or fauna that is found on it, or because of geological features.

ASSIs are identified by scientific survey. They have a well-defined boundary and by and large remain in private ownership. The underlying philosophy is to achieve conservation by co-operation and in this, the part played by landowners is fully recognised and appreciated. Most of the areas designated are of value because of the way they have been managed in the past – for example by traditional farming methods – and there is no need to change from existing practice.

NIEA compiles a list of the most important plants, animals and geological interests that are the designated features of the site and also produces a list of activites for each ASSI that it considers may have a significant impact on these site selection features. When an ASSI is declared, owners and occupiers receive a list of these – known as “notifiable operations”.

If you wish to find out more about ASSIs please visit the Northern Ireland Environment Agency website.

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